Other Uses

The brain of the InferRx application, a revolutionary inference engine, known as ISII inference architecture, applies breakthrough natural language processing technology to create an unrestricted database of clinical information and to search that database to identify the proper application of more than 19,000 ICD codes by matching the meaning of the World Health Organization's descriptors for each code to the meaning of the text in the database. In its current version, the ISII inference architecture uses more than 1.5 million rules to make more than 25 million "decisions" in less than one second. One obvious use of this technology would revolutionize clinical research by enabling investigators to search the clinical data of tens of thousands of patients admitted to multiple hospitals, while continuously changing variables.

The natural language processing that supports the Internet-based medical application can be applied to any endeavor, scientific or otherwise, that requires a search of text material, in any language, for content and meaning. The capabilities of this unique inference technology exceed those of the most advanced search engines. All existing commercial search engines rely on and are limited by some form of key word recognition. None, except for the ISII inference architecture, have the ability to extend beyond a search for words and to identify meaning within the context of the material that is being reviewed. The potential applications for this knowledge technology are unlimited.