The Ultimate Compliance Tool

InferRx will become an invaluable component of the hospital's auditing and compliance program. Hospitals that use InferRx will be able to provide auditors and public agencies with:

  • Instantaneous verification of every ICD code used to support every DRG submitted for every patient. InferRx instantly identifies every supporting line of text in every transcribed document in the record. The supporting documentation for all patients will be accessible in perpetuity within seconds.
  • Retrospective identification and analysis of the use of specific codes over an entire patient population over specific periods of time and in association with particular diseases or conditions. Auditors frequently target specific codes and may base findings and projections on a very limited sample. InferRx provides accurate data for the entire patient population that is under scrutiny, thereby eliminating sampling bias.
  • Concurrent and retrospective utilization review for all patients.
  • Concurrent and retrospective comparison of treatment complications by admitting diagnosis and physician.
  • Multivariate analyses of treatments, complications and outcomes in association with co-morbidities.
  • Irrefutable evidence of accuracy for ALL admissions to refute extrapolations based on inadequate patient samples.
  • Assurance of future compliance when incorporated into OIG settlements by providing CMS with concurrent on-line verification.
InferRx will permit public agencies such as CMS, VA, CDC and NIH to:
  • Select and audit Medicaid and Medicare billings online
  • Audit much larger samples with greater accuracy
  • Compare complications for specific diseases and treatments by region, hospital or individual provider
  • Conduct and monitor clinical trails among multiple institutions
  • Measure outcomes of treatment while applying unlimited and changeable variables
  • Identify trends or specific diseases across multiple regions in real time
  • Enhance genome research efforts by producing much larger patient samples for specific diseases and associated patient histories
  • Measure and project costs with greater accuracy
  • Monitor utilization in real time