How InferRx ™ Is Used for Coding

The InferRx application sits outside of the traditional Information Technology (IT) family of applications. The first-stage user will be the Medical Records Coding Unit of the hospital.

In a hospital environment, physicians dictate records of patient encounters, e.g., History and Physical, Operative Report and Discharge Summary. Dictation is captured as voice text, which is routed to voice recognition systems and human transcribers to create electronic text. The electronic text is stripped of patient identifiers, encrypted and sent via Internet to InferRx.

The InferRx application parses the electronic text and applies more than 1,500,00 rule sets to extract clinical information and create the database. That database is abstracted to produce the appropriate ICD-9CM codes, identifying and preserving every utterance in the text that verifies each code. InferRx instantly returns all codes and supporting data to the hospital where the Medical Record Coding Department verifies the final codes to be submitted and routes the results for billing and other patient record processing purposes.

InferRx will greatly increase the efficiency of an experienced coder by improving accuracy and speed, thereby lowering cost and increasing reimbursement. InferRx also will be used to support other critical information functions including auditing, risk management, quality assurance and clinical research.