Audit Analysis/Verification

InferRx has many uses to aid in and accelerate auditing procedures involving health care billing and health care costs:

  • Hospitals can use InferRx to provide immediate verification in perpetuity for every ICD-9CM code used in every reimbursement for every patient. InferRx also has been updated to handle ICD-10 codes.
  • Insurance companies, third-party administrators and government agencies can utilize InferRx to verify full compliance by a InferRx user (hospital, health clinic/practice, etc.) continuously because the system can identify instantly the use of any code that is not supported by a specific text entry in the clinical record. To audit entities that do not use InferRx, the auditor will need only to scan or obtain an electronic transfer of the pertinent text/digital records into the system, and then they care use the InferRx natural language processing and rules to immediately produce all of the verifiable ICD-9/10 and DRG codes for the selected patient encounters.
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