Inference technology application Product Description

InferRx is a proprietary Internet-based medical data collection and abstracting application that uses advanced artificial intelligence to capture and analyze clinical information. Based on revolutionary and unique inference technology that has taken more than twelve years to develop, the application applies more than 1.5 million rule sets to analyze the natural language of medicine. The inference technology enables the application to capture into a database all clinical information contained in text in a patient record, without reliance on predetermined data entry fields. Using the natural language clinical database produced by each patient record, the InferRx application performs an analysis of more than 19,000 variables to produce all supportable ICD-9CM codes and to identify for the user every sentence or paragraph of every text document that supports each code. As text of a patient's record is produced and submitted via the Internet, the application:

  • Instantly captures all clinical information that is in text form.
  • Creates a dynamic natural language database of all text-based clinical information in the patient record.
  • Analyzes the content of the patient record in relation to more than 19,000 ICD-9CM code descriptions and instantly produces all ICD9-CM codes that are supported by any text entry in the record, while simultaneously identifying and highlighting each supporting entry.
  • Permanently stores the entire text record and identifies the specific entries that support each code selected by the coder for inclusion in the DRG.
  • Creates a searchable database of all clinical information that is contained in the text of all records for all patients and all applicable ICD-9CM codes, e.g., co-morbidities and complications, regardless of whether those codes were included by the coder for billing purposes.
The application has been demonstrated to double the efficiency of an experienced coder while increasing accuracy and providing permanent, instantaneous verification of every code that is included in every bill for inpatient services. For utilization, quality review, auditing, or research purposes, the application easily can incorporate rules to identify specific complications and co-morbidities, regardless of whether they were used to calculate the DRG value and regardless of whether they correspond to a specific ICD description.